Spa Management Software

A powerful and easy to use system designed to run all aspects of your Spa.

Designed to ensure smooth operation flow from appointment setting to final bill settlement, Spa Management from ezeesoftware will ensure that all steps are carried out with a minimum of fuss and at a maximum efficiency.


  • Complete appointment tracking
  • Automated client history updates (spa packages, treatments, and products)
  • Integrated Point of Sale module
  • Integrated Stock Control / Inventory
  • Gift Certificate / Voucher management
  • Spa Package setup (100% customisable)
  • Integrated Marketing via SMS Text, Mail Merge, Email
  • Alternate Appointment book views (Staff, Room, Special)
  • Extensive Management Reporting
  • Automated tracking of contra-indications
  • Automated tracking of staff qualifications
  • Automatic detection of staff & room double bookings
  • Staff Payroll & Commission
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Automatic room charge options to leading hotel systems


  • Increase Profits
  • Maximize revenue from client visits
  • Eliminate No-Shows!
  • Reap massive time savings in the day to day management of your Spa
  • Maintain Customer Loyalty
  • Drive sales campaigs with SMS, Email, Mail Merge marketing options
  • Utilise the management repoting options to analyse the success of your Spa
  • Automated monitoring & reporting of Spa utilisation
  • Manage multiple Spas from one location
  • Automatic backups keep your data safe
  • 10 minutes to train your staff
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