Marketing Campaigns for your Hair Salon!

The value of your salon software database is much higher than the current price of Gold!

eZee Software Salon Software allows you to easily filter your client database.

This ensures maximum return on investment for each marketing campaign you run.

eZee Software Salon Software allows you to run SMS, eMail, Facebook and Twitter campaigns.

Simply click to select your filter… enter your message and click Send!

eZee Software Salon Software will automatically tell you what your ROI (return on investment) is for each marketing campaign.

Marketing for your Hair Salon

marketing for hair salons

This ensures that you know exactly what marketing campaigns work for your salon and exactly how much money it made for you.

Marketing campaigns for your hair salon will also keep your client thinking about your salon.

Specials, events, discounts, offers and general salon news can be sent via each marketing campaign.

eZee Software Salon Software takes seconds to run a campaign… and each campaign can potentially generate thousands of Euro/Pounds/Dollars in revenue..

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