Do you know what your marketing plan is for the next 12 months? If you do… “Excellent work!”

If not… “You really should.”

Planning you marketing 12 months in advance is not as difficult as it may sound. Some simple steps taken now will help you to keep your salon operating at it’s maximum potential.

eZee Software Salon Software can help you to make big gains!

1.  Write down your objectives… i.e. more new clients, getting existing clients to visit more often, driving retail product sales etc..

2. Define your target market… i.e. what client’s you want to hit, big spenders, non-returners etc..

3. Plan one campaign or offer per month… i.e. January – Beat The Xmas Blues, February – Valentines Specials, March – St Patrick’s etc…

4. For each campaign decide on a goal and a message… i.e. Summer Special – Waxing, Spray Tans etc…

5. Offer a hook… i.e. “Party Time” – Buy any Facial valued €70 or more and receive a Spray Tan for €1!

6. Ensure that clients know that they have to quote the “Party Time” Hook line to avail of the offer.

7. Use a combination of SMS, eMail, Facebook and Twitter to deliver you message to your target market.

8. Flag each sale to the appropriate hook line.. This helps with ROI (Return on Investment). You need to know how much each campaign made for your business…

You could easily plan an entire 12 month campaign in under an hour.

It just might be the most valuable hour you spend this year!
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